AOWD 2000

aowd-2000-with-cabinet-sgThe AOWD2000 handles up to 2 tonnes of waste input per day in constant production.

These machines can be loaded manually, but normally they are fed by a conveyor belt from a hopper.  The inputs to the machine can be any organic waste.

Examples include:

  • Food waste from restaurants and canteens
  • Waste and surplus from the food industry
  • Agricultural waste such as sugar cane leaves, palm leaves and lignin.
  • Horticultural waste such as grass cuttings and hedge trimmings

Processing is rapid and normally completed in 36 to 48 hours, and the biomass is extruded automatically.  It can the be fed automatically to a biomass furnace, or matured into compost. sam_2402-2015_08_03-19_49_18-utc

There are no noxious odours nor flammable gases emitted from these easy-to-use machines so they can be sited right next to the sources of waste.


Outline Specifications

  • Operation: Continuous Accelerated Aerobic Digestion
  • Process: Thermophilic (65-75ºC Nominal)
  • Dimensions:
    • Height 2200mm
      (Open Lid Clearance 3300mm)
    • Width 1500mm, Length 5500mm
  • Weight: 2,980kg (dry), 5,200kg (loaded)
  • Max Input Rate: 2000kg/24Hr period
  • Min Output Rate: 400kg/24Hr period @ (DM90%) (for waste reduction only)
  • Max Fuel Output: 500kg day (DM88%)≈ 71kW/h (at 85% boiler efficiency)
  • Power Supply: 1~ 240V 30A or 3~ 415V 32A

Options Include:

  • Heater Jacket
  • Shredder
  • Fuel feed
  • Loader System


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